About Kickass Website Coach

If you’re here, you may need some guidance about building a website, or blogging your purpose. I’m glad to see you!

I’ve built sites in many niches for clients and for myself. Local businesses like Pawn Shops and Food Trucks, to Survival sites and Special-Needs blogs all require the same foundations to be successful.

Kickass Website Coach is where I share information about building a website. Not just the technical aspects, but also the who, what, and why’s that make your site uniquely your own.

You’ll also find marketing trends, blogging tips, and product reviews, among other things. 

About Jenn Alex Brockman


Jenn Alex Brockman

Jenn Alex Brockman on the set of Real People Real Life filmed in Wichita, KS.

My name is Jenn Brockman, sometimes, I use Jenn Alex Brockman. But, that’s another story for another time.

I’m a website designer, lifestyle and business coach, and mother. Not always in that order, but they actually do influence each other.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people express who they are and what their business provides to the world.

More specifically, I help clients be more clear about their purpose, become more confident about how to express that online, and understand how to use their website to communicate all that to their audience.

When I’m not working for clients, or building my own online businesses, I am a guest host with Real People, Real Life Wichita!, a locally produced TV show featuring people and their stories from the local area.

Then, there’s always my daughters and family. My youngest ( a teen) has autism and some other “special needs”. My oldest has moved on to her adult life. My family owns a local retail shop and I’ve worked in the shop since 2001.


Why am I qualified to help you?

In 2011, I graduated from the International Coach Academy and have taken more business courses in addition to that. The skills I learned there have helped me to help clients sort through what they want or need from their sites and how it can represent their business. 

I remember the frustrations of depending on someone I barely knew to create my web presence when I was starting out in 2003. A few of the people I used didn’t have the integrity to do it right and left me hanging. 

Since then, I’ve personally created many websites, on several different platforms and I know how very frustrating it can be to not know how to do something, but at the same time, know what you want to have done.
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It was very empowering to learn how to use the systems and how to build my businesses around them. You can be empowered too!

I find the same common thread with every client. They are overwhelmed and don’t believe they can sort through it all, or just don’t have the time to learn one more thing. That’s what I offer – my experience and know-how to get done what my clients can’t or don’t want to learn. 

Many of my clients have been local small businesses in the Wichita, KS area in the last few years. Before that, I designed sites for coaches all over the world and in the United States.