How to Clean Up Your Computer

Last month my computer was really slow. It was completely annoying and kept me from being as productive online as need to be. It was taking forever to start and then each new website I tried, and each new file I opened, took minutes instead of seconds. If this is...

Blogging platform choices

So, you decided to blog about your business. Good for you. It’s a great way to reach your potential clients and let them get to know you, like you and trust you. But, there’s more to blogging than just throwing up a page on some free site and making it...

Blogging goals

As we come into the middle of the first quarter of 2013, I’m starting to feel like I’ve set myself up for failure when it comes to blogging. I really wanted to get three posts a week done here at the KAWC blog, but that’s not happening despite my best...

SEO filter bubbles – how they affect your business

SEO Filter Bubbles – how they affect your business Search engines like Google and Bing personalize search results based on your previous computer and internet activities. Did you know that? Do know how much this affects what you see when you do a search for something online?  Your business information...

Your web design attracts a certain kind of client

If you are trying to find a certain kind of kind of client, using your web design and the content on it, are just about the most important way to do that. Do you have any idea what your audience needs? If so, great! If not, that’s a whole other...


If you are looking for a personal blog or a local Kansas website, I can help you with it. I provide options depending on your needs, ability and future aspirations.

It can be as easy as you like or we can add all the bells and whistles to make your site clear, simple and to the point - or elegant, eye catching and exciting.

There will be columns!


Countless columns

The columns on the Presentation Page are also very versatile. You can either generate them from existing posts or create them individually with the help of specially designed widgets.
You can also set the number of columns per row and much more from the Theme Settings.

Responsive Design

Nirvana has been built from the ground up with responsiveness in mind. It will fit anywhere and change its layout according to the gadget and resolution it's being viewed on.

~ Font Fiesta ~

Nirvana comes bundled with some of the best fonts of the moment, but it also supports Google fonts. Extended font sets are also fully supported.

Layouts & Templates

With Nirvana you can choose the size and position of the content and sidebars to your liking. Also, make every page stand out with 8 Page Templates (Magazine and Blog included).

Socials Galore

Nirvana provides over 40 social media icons and 5 different locations to showcase them at. You can even customizable their colors.


Nirvana may seem soft and sensitive on the outside, but at its core you'll find armies of code that are strong and precise. Being built on the latest technologies not only makes Nirvana stable and compatible but also future proof.

There will be posts!

You can also choose to show your latest posts on the Presentation page. From the theme settings you can select how many posts to show and more will be loaded via an Ajax button.

Even if you can show your latest posts on the Presentation Page, you can also use the Blog Page Template to designate another page as your primary blog posts page. While creating a new page or editing an existing one choose Blog Template as the page template and save.

For more information read all the help sections from the Theme Settings.

There will be more!

Nirvana and its huge array of tools are waiting for your carefully crafted content. It will embrace and enhance it while also giving it room to breathe and grow. Can you imagine a better home for your deepest thoughts, your greatest ideas, your best travel photos and anything else you want to share with the world? With Nirvana, the world will never know what hit it ;)

So bring out your diamond in the rough and let Nirvana find its luster.